Loan Corp

Loan Corp is a loan processing system that automates the workflow using the Camunda BPM. It comprises of three profiles, including the applicant, loan processor, and relationship manager. When an applicant submits a loan request, the processor approves or rejects the application. In some cases, depending on the applicant's report, the relationship manager can re-evaluate the application. You can track each stage in the individual app.


Customer Login Credentials
  • Apply for loan
  • Upload document
  • E-sign document through docusign
  • View the loan status
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Loan Processor Login Credentials
Loan Processor
  • View loan applications
  • Add W2 section
  • Automates loan approval or rejection
  • Send for site visit request
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Relationship Manager Login Credentials
Relationship Manager
  • Review moderate-rated application
  • View customers' profile
  • Submit site visit request report
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Features of WM and Prefabs used

Here are some of the value added features and prefabs from the WM applications

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