MedQuest is a healthcare app that manages the workflow of patients and doctors' consultation routines and regulates drug delivery. The app comprises of three profiles, including patient, doctor, and pharmacist. It allows you to track each stage in the individual app.


Customer Login Credentials
  • View appointment and refill history
  • Book an appointment
  • Request refills

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User :
Password : peter123
Loan Processor Login Credentials
  • Accept or reject the appointment
  • Prescribe drugs
  • Approve or reject refill request
Launch App

Click on above button to Login as Nurse

Relationship Manager Login Credentials
  • Accept or reject the refill requests
  • View refill requests and history

Launch App

Click on above button to Login as Pharmacist

Features of WM and Prefabs used

Here are some of the value added features and prefabs from the WM applications

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