Sales Vision

Sales Vision app provides a visual representation of sales data with advanced filters, actions, and more. The app comprises of two profiles, including sales representative and sales head. Get visibility of the sales pipeline and convert them to a sale. Additionally, track your teams' performance, measure achieved goals, targets, and more.


Customer Login Credentials
Sales Head

As a sales head, you land into a visualized
dashboard with the latest sales data metrics.
You can see what's trending, top leads, track
top-performers of the team, and their
individual performance as well.

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Loan Processor Login Credentials
Sales Representative

As a sales representative, see your new goals,
convert leads to a sale, get access to top
-selling policies, view upcoming policy
renewals, your monthly bonus,
badges earned, and more.

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Features of WM and Prefabs used

Here are some of the value added features and prefabs from the WM applications

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